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Andrew Falcon believes he has the stuff to make it to
the top of this world, to become one of the masters of
the game. He has staked his whole future on the
biggest hostile takeover in Wall Street history, one that
will net him a fee of $5 million - if he can pull it off fast.
But there is more to this monster deal than shows up on
any computer printout.

At a strip mall in Michigan, a small-time hit man takes
out his final mark - and finds himself a target. In
Montana, the chairman of the Federal Reserve drowns
in the Bighorn River. Off St. Croix, an investment
analyst is fed alive to the sharks.

As these and other hints of savage carnage emerge,
Falcon stumbles upon the secret scheme behind the
takeover ... a plot so vast and brilliantly designed as to
stagger the imagination ... so intricate as to mock all
efforts to stop it or trace its source. Falcon discovers the
power and terror of the Sevens. The Sevens ... the
members of this shadowy Ivy League organization have
the wealth and will to do whatever they wish, be it
provoking panic in the markets or sabotaging a Presidential administration. Falcon now realizes that he is not just a player in a hot deal but a pawn in a high-stakes game of greed, corruption, and perhaps something even more sinister. Because he has learned enough to bring everything to a halt, he is marked for destruction. Andrew Falcon's struggle for survival begins as he tries to outwit his betrayers - and a hidden enemy whose hatred is implacable.
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An Investment Banker Is About To Organize The World's Largest Corporate Takeover But There's More Than Meets The Eye To This Megadeal

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“Fast-moving, zestful, stirring…full of twists and surprises…compelling characters.”
-Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A prolific writer of best-selling thrillers concocts a flat-out page-turner…”
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“Frey’s writing is so vivid and the action so fast-paced you’ll want to stick around for the ride.”

“Author Stephen Frey enlivens finance the way Patricia Cornwell does forensic science.”

“High-stakes power play at its most ferocious level. Read it!”
-Donald J. Trump on The Chairman

“John Grisham meets Robert Ludlum on Wall Street in this fast-paced thriller”

“When it comes to high-finance intrigue, this series continues to look good on the bottom line.”
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